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Developing a framework for leadership excellence in a high-growth company


This case and deployment example shows how a talent development team in a high-growth financial services organization worked with the Leadership Development Kit to develop a leadership excellence framework to help foster young, first-time leaders.


Background and objectives – Defining a leadership excellence framework

The key objective of the work was to define a leadership excellence framework in a high-growth FinTech context, taking into account several existing and proven elements of leadership development. This framework was intended to serve as a way of making decisions about a leadership development program, which had to be coupled with a strong impact measurement framework.  

The objectives and the context led to numerous specific challenges and topics that had to be urgently addressed. First, there was a focus on quality and innovation: the company did not want to copy a preexisting approach, but instead wanted to develop their own framework taking into account key best practice insights about leadership development. Second, the scope included existing leaders and aspiring (future first-time) leaders. Third, the high-growth strategy required scalability of the program/framework. Fourth, continuity was essential, with a need to preserve some elements with strong links to the organizational structure and processes (the “how” and role of a lead in the organization), while looking ahead to build leadership and change-the-business excellence. Fifth, the fast-paced FinTech context required a quick pace for the conceptual work piece.


Purpose – Creating milestones for measurement

Define cornerstones of a new leadership development program, including a measurement framework, which integrates parts of the given initiative while aligning with and supporting current strategic priorities. Limit this to a 1-day workshop in a first run to quickly define a prototype, in order to be ready to engage stakeholders and iterate the model.


How well is your organization developing leaders?



Approach – Prioritizing focus areas

Selectively prioritize certain areas of the Kit and Leadership Development Canvas for deep dives. Start by mapping the current LD program. Then, prepare a version of the canvas with current LD program elements (e.g., existing training programs, key tenets of existing LD strategy) mapped towards the fields and discuss the gaps. Alternatively, indicate current LD program elements in a separate color in the Canvas run-through module below.


Result – Customized full-day workshop agenda based on the Leadership Development Kit

Based on the expert coaching, we co-created the workshop agenda below based on the Kit to allow the talent development team to work towards a leadership excellence framework.



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