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Today’s most admired companies are leaders in organizational innovation and excellence, laying sustainable foundations for strategy execution: You can copy strategies – but you can’t copy organizations.

Our Organizational Effectiveness Suite develops four critical areas of successful organizations

  1. Organizational Design: Define effective structures and processes for successful strategy implementation;

  2. Agile Organizing: Innovate your set-up for collaboration, customer focus and fast decentralized decision making;

  3. Team Performance: Build high-performing teams as the power cells of organizational performance; and

  4. Leadership Development: Develop leadership capabilities across the organization.

Management Kits provide your team with all relevant capabilities to successfully change your business and improve organizational alignment with strategy or to other business challenges. We empower your business leaders deliver best practice results for their oprganizational challenges, fast.

“Our co-creation workshop with Management Kits on agile organizing combined newest insights from management research with a pragmatic and applicable approach. It really helped us as a team to develop a future-oriented perspective on our organization.”

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Your advantages of deploying Management Kits:


  • Supported self-service

    You deploy a self-service model supplemented with crucial support options ensuring application of best practices and deployment success

  • Ownership

    You increase ownership of methodologies, target designs and implementation roadmaps because your affected people build it themselves

  • Efficiency

    You run an efficient work process providing key resources and limiting budget spent for services to crucial areas of added value

  • Empowerment

    You empower your people to deliver critical management project work – this is no rocket science, but there are huge benefits from focused support

  • Capabilities

    Your leverage and develop your peoples’ skills in turn: invest L&D budget, time and energy in areas of immediate business impact

  • Integration

    You integrate Management Kits into your existing L&D, tools, and resources landscapes to supplement your in-house offerings

  • Best practice

    You benefit from growing global community of Management Kits creators, affiliates and users and their curated inputs to our platform & tools

  • Cost savings

    You reduce your consulting budget with Management Kits, as you leverage internal resources and need to rely less on external experts.

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