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Your digital management consultant

Build Organizational Effectiveness from within

Stop friction. Focus energy. Empower your teams


Apply proven, state-of-the art approaches to solve organizational issues and build management capabilities

Your people

Empower your people to drive change on-the-job. Leverage and build internal capabilities at the same time

Digital advantage

Benefit from focused how-to guidance leveraging our learning Kits and global, cross-industry user community

Organizational Effectiveness Suite

Our Organizational Effectiveness Suite supports leaders driving organizational effectiveness: working “on-the-organization” and not only “in the organization”

— Included in the Suite —
Management-Kits Coaching 3@2x

Organizational Design 

Define effective structures and processes for successful strategy implementation
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Management-Kits Coaching 5@2x

Team Performance

Build high-performing teams as the power cells of organizational performance
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Management-Kits Coaching 4@2x

Agile Organizing / Decentralization

Innovate your set-up for collaboration and fast decentralized decision making
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Management-Kits Coaching 6@2x

Leadership Development

Develop leadership capabilities as a leader and across the organization
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Tailored Solutions


Individual Leader

Lead change in your organization leveraging ready-for-action resources focused on Organizational Effectiveness.



We co-create programmes to empower groups of leaders in a wider organizational and strategic context.


Affiliate Consultants

We collaborate with a fast-growing network of affiliate consultants around the globe, sharing our values.

Our Kits are trusted by users from leading organizations worldwide:


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