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Empowering K-12 schools around the globe

We help schools to channel their full energy into student learning and wellbeing


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Schools are very vivid and complex. They master change every day. Today and tomorrow.

Facilitating great and modern teaching and learning gives but also requires enormous energy. It builds on a multifaceted organization behind the scenes.

Often, however, organizational structure for learning are not as effective as they could be. As a result, energy is lost and people as well as the school are strained. This is where we come in: helping schools to channel their full energy into student learning and wellbeing.

At Management Kits, we know...

  how schools really work - being experienced international school leaders ourselves
  the science behind best practice - being on the faculty of a leading business school
 how to get things done - being experienced management consultants in top-notch firms


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Our purpose is to empower you to focus your energy on what is most important for your purpose: the students, their learning and wellbeing, as well as the lasting success of your school.

Management Kits is your ideal partner to build a better organization behind and for learning, allowing educators to collaborate more effectively throughout the school. International schools have started benefitting. You are welcome to join!  

Our unique leadership development journey supports emerging and senior school leaders develop critical leadership capabilities on-the-job.

Building a high-performing team around you
 Sparking your individual leadership reflection and building relevant skills
 Supporting the broader strategic context of change/growth as a leader
 Enabling effective empowerment (distributed leadership) around you
 Shaping organizational structures (senior leaders)


Our programme can be launched throughout the school year with flexibility.

“Based on Management Kits diagnostics and using their tools, we ran a series of workshops in our team that have helped us to align expectations, handle difficult situations, and become a more effective leadership team overall.”
Cobus Steyn
Cobus Steyn, Deputy Executive Head, International School of Flanders

Management know-how for schools –
designed by school and management experts

Management-Kits Coaching 2@2x

Action learning on-the-job, direct impact on your team

We empower our participants
to take action in their specific work context, developing leadership skills on-the-job.

Management-Kits Coaching 1@2x

An individualized, adaptive journey build on feedback

Built-in feedback and reflection ensure participants prioritize what is most important for them but building on a shared language.

Management-Kits Coaching@2x

Digital, self-paced, coaching access as needed

Our interactive online platform empowers participants to devise action strategies, while they have expert coaching access as needed.

and we foster a green footprint, too -

the extensive digital resources on our platform, virtual coaching and collaboration greatly reduce the need to travel.

Let us show you how the programme works

  Who should participate, how and when
 How this supports strategic priorities
  What value it brings and its cost

Your difference with Management Kits


In- and outside of the school gates, there is a strong understanding that you as middle leaders are at the frontline of teaching practices, learning outcomes and student wellbeing. You are indispensable to manage your department team, to implement development plans and to translate the school vision into consistent practise in the classroom and beyond.  

You deserve being heard and empowered as leaders. Not to forget your important relationships with colleagues which you want to protect. Your role is affected by time constraints and attracts pressure from the top, the side and the bottom of the school.  

Management kits helps you to: 

  • Energize your team, manage goals and development work and lead effective team meetings 
  • Be more intentional in how you handle difficult situations 
  • Let you feel more confidence in your leadership role and maximize your leadership potential, to foster resilience and wellbeing 

Our expert advisory board for K-12 schools

To make sure Management Kits co-create impact in education, we build on experts and advisors with combined experience in international education (K-12) of more than 75 years, including more than 40 years in senior leadership.


Nils Remmel, Educational Expert
Dr. Nils Remmel


Nils brings over 10 years of experience in international school leadership (incl. as Head of School), school accreditation, and as consultant experience in education and other industries.

Sarah Plews, Educational Expert
Sarah Plews

Education Leadership Specialist

Sarah brings over 10 years of experience in international school leadership (incl. as Senior Leader | Professional Development & Learning), school accreditation, and as consultant experience in education and other industries.

Dr. Olaf Bach


Olaf is an honorary professor and lecturer for organizational design at a leading European business school. He brings more than 20 years of consulting experience from leading firms.

ji Han
Ji Han

Educational Consultant

Ji has spend almost 30 years in international education, over 15 years holding senior leadership positions.

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Greta Keltz

Education Consultant

Greta has over 25 years of experience in international education, holding senior leadership positions for over 8 years.

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Vera Behrning - 20220928 (kleine Auflösung)-104
Vera Behrning

Education Consultant

Vera brings extensive leadership and management experience incl. senior roles in international schools for over 8 years.

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